Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Criminal Justice 2

The crime is the inclusion of the bogus pseudo-sciences of psychiatry and psychology in our court rooms.

In a local case, man accused of second-degree murder, admits that he stabbed his best friend many times.

In spite of clear evidence that the accused cleaned up himself and the crime scene and behaved like so many guilty people, the shrinks have been brought in by the defense.

They may have convinced the jury that the poor guy - the killer - was really "on autopilot" in a "dissociative state."

I pray that some day soon the alphabet soup people (Ph.D.'s and their brethren) will be placed in a dissociative state. Like Alaska, for example.

These alleged experts are the worst kind of whores.

They peddle their store-bought, regurgitated wisdom as the fountain of truth to the highest bidder, with utter disregard for the consequences.


Anonymous said...

"He said the Crown's theory is that Goos made some kind of remark to Ansari, which enraged the accused and caused him to attack Goos with a knife Ansari had brought with him that night."

Not too dissociated to bring along a knife, was he? I also noted that this guy was a law student. Not difficult to construct a dissociative state defence, given enough time to pore through law texts, previous cases and psychiatric literature I would opine.

Between this and the RCMP airport tasering incident fiasco - my morning has not begun on a positive note.... Need more coffee.

What nonsense!


Anonymous said...

"The crime is the inclusion of the bogus pseudo-sciences of psychiatry and psychology in our court rooms" David, those few words speak volumes!
This has been going on within our "Judicial Industry" for many decades now, and look where we are today. Anybody hear from Dr. James Tyhurst lately?

Cheers, Gary

Anonymous said...

Is this the same group you referred to in the 70's as "earning their living by sucking on the tit of the misery of humanity?

When will someone order a psychiatric evaluation on Sam Sullivan? $100 million of debt for citizens of Vancouver in a closed meeting? (See Globe @ Mail today)

BTW there is no such thing as excited delirium, a term being used to sanction taser use.