Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How Do I get in the Bail Out Line?

Former Merrill Lynch Exec takes bailout money to buy palatial digs

This is the headline from Crooks & Liars by way of Video Cafe.

Watch the video and read the text and study the floor plans, all here.

After you finish throwing up, contemplate the beauty of these "save-the-nation" bailouts.

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keith said...

One way to deal with highly paid executives and hockey players is to have a 99 per cent tax on personal income above $1 million.
There would be no incentive for companies to pay out such large sums.
Companies could instead pay higher wages to their lower employees, and bigger dividends to their shareholders, and lower costs to their customers, and more to charities.
That was the way it was in the sixties, when people could afford to go to hockey games and movies.