Saturday, December 13, 2008

Reasonable and Necessary

We are told that the four RCMP officers who managed to kill Robert Dziekanski at YVR last year hit the man with not one, not two, but FIVE zaps of their tasers 24 seconds after meeting him.

In the same official report, all four are completely exhonerated from any potential charges or guilt.

The dead man's mother is considering a civil suit.



Anonymous said...

So much for one post a day! I am ashamed to be a Canadian, the RCMP whitewash over the Dziekanski murder at YVR is utterly disgusting, worthy of an international war crimes trial!

Th RCMP have now joined the ranks of the Gestapo, Ogpu, and the Stazi, for their ability to liquidate those they wish to, without repercussions! 5 Tazer jolts, yes count them 5!

I hope Poland boycotts the 2010 Olympics and takes the rest of the EEC with them. it is only this kind of action that will wake up Canadian politico's that their 'secret' RCMP police force are evil.

I am so ashamed of this; Canada is no longer a free and just society!

Dave C. said...


Let us hope that the Braidwood inquiry will answer many of the concerns that the public has about this incident and, in particular, the continued use of tasers by law enforcement officers.

However, as a certified wimp and pacifist, I don't envy any law enforcement officer faced with a possibly violent individual, or group. But surely that is a risk to their physical well-being that they accepted in choosing law enforcement as a career. That the legal system has extended considerable latitude in the use of force on the job by officers is both necessary and understandable, but that protection must surely be balanced by an expectation that individuals accepted into the career continue to demonstrate maturity, emotionally stability, and sound judgement to ensure that they utilize potentially lethal force only in extreme circumstances.

I have met several active and retired RCMP officers over the years and one comment frequently comes up in conversations with these individuals. They lament the general decline in the public's respect for laws in general, and law enforcement in particular, and the related use of violence by an increasing number in our society. I only have to channel surf most evenings to see violence disguised as entertainment to confirm that observation. To paraphrase an old Pogo cartoon character, "I've seen the enemy, and it is we".

However, apart from the officers' role in this tragedy, one would hope that the inquiry will give consideration to the "sins of omission" that may have been played by the airline that transported Mr. Dziekanski to Vancouver; the YVR airport authority for its apparent lack of adequate translation services; and the seeming absence or inability of security personnel/airport staff to recognize and assist an international traveller in distress. With thousands of tourists soon to visit BC for the Olympics, surely we have to do better in ensuring visitor safety and well-being.

Yes, I agree that Robert's mother should sue. I expect that there should be more than the RCMP named as defendants, however.

Anonymous said...

Four big heavy officers can't deal with one upset passenger with a stapler except with lethal force? What's wrong with this event is accountability.

Anonymous said...

The RCMP, Vancouver PD, Delta PD and others are in desperate need of negotiating training and education about symptoms of mental illnesses. Before there we tazers there were police who knew how to negotiate. Where have they gone? Why does the Vancouver Police Department act like a bunch of cowboys--advertising on U-Tube, flying a plane over Victoria advertising jobs? It's time for some grown up, responsible behavior on the part of Chief Chu and others.
As for this whitewash decision, it's time for the public to call the talk shows--especially Good and Clark--and acquaint them with the anger the public feels. Maybe that will put both of them back in to touch the real world. (One can hope!)

Pelalusa said...

I've been condemned by some for stating that I believe the 4 RCMP officers are guilty. Likely not 2nd Degree Murder but probably Manslaughter. Not for you or I to decide though, it's up to a judge or jury.

I agree with you, David, she should sue.

Anonymous said...

I agree, SUE.

But if the officers in question followed their training manuals, they should be exonerated, and the Higher Ups who wrote the manuals and did the training should take the fall.

MurdocK said...

Welcome to the brave new world...just like a very, very old one.

Hail Caesar's Pretorians.

The RCMP are now under the direct control of the PMO.

Is that where a BC police force should be?