Saturday, December 13, 2008

Trapped in Time - Auto Execs

As the public purses are opened and the rainstorm of tax dollars begins to pour forth to save badly managed, short-visioned automakers in the US and Canada, I find myself looking at the latest posting of plant closures.

This is telling.

The Canadian plants that make the following vehicles will close down in the coming weeks to save a few million dollars: Chevy Impala and Equinox, Pontiac Torrent; Chrysler 300, Charger and Challenger; Ford MKX and The Edge, GRand Marquis and Lincoln.


I do not.

I know not one human being with a driver's license who owns, leases or drives such loser lemons. In fact, I have never heard of half of these products.

Please take the SURVEY on the right hand side of this page, and explain to me what these Captains of Industry have been up to for the past several years.

All sing together now,

"See the USA in your Chevrolet..." Where's Dinah Shore when you really need her? In what black and white 14-inch world have these clods been living?

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Anonymous said...

My wife bought a brand new Ford Edge in 2007 and what a piece of poorly designed crap! So bad that when I wrote Ford about it they phoned back about 6 months later and sounded sincere enough in asking why I felt like I did and said they would have an engineering rep contact me to flesh out a solution. 18 months+ later, no more contact.

They know sell a poorly designed vehicle and don't want any more attention brought to their arrogant mistakes. Some of their design faults are downright dangerous! All this in order to rush a competitive looking car to match their counterparts at GM, Chrysler and others. All for market share, not public satisfaction.

I have no problem with the labour efforts put into the car as the fit and finish and reliability so far have been good but the engineering and lack of engineering quality assessment/improvement sucks!