Friday, December 19, 2008

Rewarding Blind Failure

In the light of the plans of the governments governments of two major countries to sepnd billions of dollars to rescue auto makers, it is instructive to study the full page ads GM has been running in papers the last few days.

I was standing in a downtown office yesterday morning engaged in a conversation with three other people.

We were all looking at this ad, which shows and extols the virtues of various GM products.

One of the four of us actually drives a Cadillac.

But aside from him, none us even know anyone who owns a GM product. Haven't for 20 or 30 years.

One of us asked if we've ever rented a GM product.

Yes, we all agreed, we're often given GM products when we rent.

Yes, we all agreed, theses vehicles are uncofortable as hell and almost undriveable. Handles fall off. You need two keys - one for the doors and ignition and one for the trunk.

Apparently, there has never in recent years been a CEO at GM who could hollar down the line,


Maybe this bail out program should be called "Saving the Stupid," or "Incompetents, Dont Fear; Help is Near."


Anonymous said...

Wrongo David et al. I have owned a 2002 GMC pickup since new and it is the best vehicle I have ever owned in my life, (being 47 years driving and at least 7-8 new vehicles ooer that time). It is ultra comfortable, hauls a tremendous load with a heavy 5th wheel trailer every fall for a minumim of 10,000 km's and has cost me next to nothing for maintenance. It has 177,000 km's on it now and I would gladly buy another un used one for new price if I could find it.

You haven't rented a GM vehicle for a long time if having two sepoerate keys bothers you. For years they have come with an automatic door opener that precludes any key other then the ignition one. They can't go to the single key lock because other car makers own the patent on the design and GMC is prevented from changing it. Moot point.

On the other hand my wif'e new Ford Edge is a piece of poorly designed junk!

keith said...

Fred Thompson on the economy.

MurdocK said...

Yes the Ford product has declined in value.

GM has been the 'general purpose' vehicle for some time now. Not top end, yet also not bottom end either.

Functional is how I would describe them.

I have a used Pontiac Montana, a design I have liked since I first got to see one up close while renting it in 1998.

So I disagree with you David, the GM line is not as stinky as you make it out to be.

The 'bailout' IS as stinky as it has been made out to be...

Gary said...

David, I have been an unrepentive "car fanatic" since the age of nine! I was a "Bow Tie" G.M. supporter until approx. 15 years ago. I still own 3 G.M. Products from "back in the day" but would never buy anything from The Big Three today. If I was shopping for a new Vehicle today? Audi, Mazda, and Suburu would be the Dealers that I would visit. Oh, the horror of it all!!!!!