Saturday, December 27, 2008

Snowed In - Fed Up

Let's admit it.

The one good thing about this weather is the quiet.

Trudge through the sludge and snow to your nearest shopping district, as I have every day this week, and you hear........ well, almost nothing.

It's quite wonderful.

Very few cars or buses, just the usual crazy with no lights and a big American car with rear-wheel drive and summer tires. Don't you love it?

Everything else about this weather is tiresome and downright scary.

Will my pipes freeze? Will the roof or skylights collapse? Will I be killed or knocked out by falling snow, ice or tree limbs? Two very large branches of the pine tree in my front yard are already down.

Will the floods be inevitable?

Will the power be knocked out, thus making my home a dark icicle?

So far, so good.... so far...

As for the people who are rushing up to Grouse Mountain, well, I can't even get my car out from the snow-plowed little home its adopted two blocks away.

And the thousands stranded at Metrotown, who asked you to go shopping? Who asked you to leave home?

Yesterday, I saw two guts with shovels working diligently on clearing their car from its igloo and I thought, "Where are you going?"

Huddling, cuddling, cacooning...

Having said that, today, after a hearty breakfast, I will actually attempt to rescue my car and return the three movies I rented from the store that is about five kilometres from here.

As for the new Batman movie that I rented last night from the local video shop, I am returning it half watched. Puleeeze...Quel Dreque!


Martino said...

If you flipped of the new Batman movie, you missed out on the full extent of Heath Ledger's wonderful role (as soon to be Oscar winning)as Joker...I hope you at least got to see a pencil disappear!

A. G. Tsakumis said...

Heath Ledger's performance is no more Oscar worthy than John Kennedy's presidency was a success.

Their collective distinction is that they died at what the hip lierati considered their professional peak.

Ledger's apotheosis by the idiots in Hollywood and elsewhere is embarrassing. He was a mediocre actor of limited talent and his performance as the Joker, was, indeed, somewhat of a joke, considering the role has always been more camp than evil.

But we change things in this world to accommodate people like Ledger because the multi-million dollar (over) pay days. almost 24hr a day staff and endless ass-kissing, are not enough to lead an intelligent human being to rehab.

Oh, how my heart bleeds...NOT!

Anonymous said...

David, it seems that you stop watching most of the movies you see by the time they are half over. That really is too bad. By missing half of "The Dark Knight" you also missed out on a fine overall performance by Aaron Eckhart as crusading DA Harvey Dent / Two Face. If you have an interest in films based on comic books but didn't care much for "The Dark Knight", then you might consider taking a look at "The Incredible Hulk" (with Edward Norton, Tim Roth, and William Hurt); or "Ironman", (featuring Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Terrence Howard and Jeff Bridges). Both of these films better capture the fun spirit of comic books from an earlier era.

My wife and I recently enjoyed two movies that you might want to check out (if you haven't already). "Notes on a Scandal" featuring two female powerhouses, Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett; and "Capote", featuring the Oscar-winning performance by Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Not exactly action-packed films, but very interesting ones.

Craig Y.