Saturday, December 27, 2008

Victor on Eyeless in Gaza

You need spend only a few days almost anywhere in Europe to sense how deeply the media there have demonized Israel. Here is Victor's response to the latest hate literature that passes for journalism.

Victor is not a Jew.

The Israeli raids on Gaza top the newscasts. I have listened to two
reports this morning which inevitably add that some of the dead
"include children." Like we couldn't assume that.

In the last war with Hamas in Lebanon, Israel made a foolish mistake
and appears to have learned from it. The mistake was assuming that
careful, so-called surgical strikes would win media support on the
basis that civilian targets were sparred. Instead, Reuters performed
their time worn tactic of paying kids to pose as rock throwers and
then sent these cliched photos to a Pavlovian world media. Agence
France Presse photographed the same wailing Lebanese woman at three
separate sites. Hamas declared a pr victory. Enraptured Lebanese
awarded heroic Hamas with parliamentary seats.

This time, Israel has dumped the failed surgical strike strategy and
bombed Hamas mercilessly in their own back yard. It is doubtful that
Hamas rocketeers are looking heroic to citizens who have seen a living
hell brought to their neighbourhoods thanks to the the deadly games of
militants. Yes, the world community (read feckless Europeans) will
condemn Israel but they would have done the same thing had Israel
dropped food baskets and accidently killed a donkey.

I also think this is a message to Obama. People have assumed that
because he has hired a pro-Israeli psychopath, Rahm Emanuel, as his
Chief of Staff, that this signals a pro Israeli bias in Obama's
administration. That would require classic ignorance of the American
media (Israel' s arch enemy and Obama's fan club) not to mention the
deep anti-Jewish currents among segments of Obama's followers. ( Jesse
Jackson's son was Obama's co-campaign manager and as we all know,
Jesse is the black equivalent of Michael Richards when it comes to
anti-Jewish rants.)

None of which is to celebrate violence. Violence is a vile certainty
of the human condition. It is, I fear, a permanent reality in the
middle east. It will not disappear with lofty Presidential speeches,
UN calls for restraint or yet another photo op cease fire. It is an
endless blood war between two deeply disparate cultures.

Victor Godin


Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy in Action:
Where were Egypt, Russia, OIC, EU, Britain, Sarkozy, US & Austria when Hamas was pounding Israel with daily barrage of rockets?

A. G. Tsakumis said...

This posting by Victor could very well be one of the single best postings by anyone on this blog--ever.

How much more pounding can the gallant people of Israel take?

The single greatest reason I did not support Obama's candidacy, is that he is a charlatan on the Israel issue and his supporters are LIARS when it comes to supporting Israel. Hillary Clinton LIED about Jewish roots when she ran for the NY Senate seat she so ceremoniously soiled; Rahm Emmnuel opposed every single measure the Bush Administration appropriately imposed on the Palestinians; and while fully engaged with Bill Clinton's mindless Carteresque policy on Israel during the 90's (when we lost major ground in the fight to see Israel protected) Emmanuel supported a Balkans-instead concentration...while Tel Aviv burned.

Pierre Elliot Obama will fail MISERABLY where Israel is concerned.

Look forward to my opening piece in 24hrs. first week of January on the disgraceful anti-Israel movement and hw we can all fight them.

Because if we don't, then the Russians might as well have let the brownshirts through at the Polish border fifty years ago, with a collective pat on the back...

Shame on us all that this issue is not top of mind.

We learned nothing then.