Thursday, December 18, 2008

True Words

Pasquale Cusano, the owner of Montecristo Jewelers and the publisher of NUVO magazine, has a new mag out. It's called Montecristo, and it arrived in my Globe and Mail this morning.

Like NUVO, the new mag is big and colorful and beautifully presented.

I'm just not sure what this item is supposed to be about.

The inaugural issue features stories on what I guess are supposed to be much admired local heroes.

One such is Wally Oppal.

Here is the closing on that piece written by the editor, Jim Tobler:

"He takes the issues of community safety, multicultural awareness and justice very seriously. He is doing his part to make it work for everyone."

With this kind of in-depth analysis and accurate reflections of the world in which we live, the new magazine clearly has a great place in our hearts and minds.

1 comment:

David in North Burnaby BC said...

Wally "takes the issues of community safety" and "justice very seriously."

Ahahahahahahahahahahaha ....!!!!!!!!
Satire, right? I mean aha ha they can't be serious, can they?
This guy's jewelery store's been robbed how many times?