Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Police are searching for at least three homeless people they believe may know how the Patullo Bridge was set on fire.

Are they kidding?

This local disaster, which has completely screwed up traffic in Surrey and New Westminster beyond endurance, is going to be blamed on the homeless and their pathetic attempt to not freeze to death?

A bridge made of wooden supports in the year 2009?

Where are we, Madison County, Maine, Connecticut, 1873?

Let's get serious for just one minute.

I have lived here for over 40 years. I have crossed that relic exactly twice. That was enough to convince me that, short of some national emergency, I would not find myself on that antique again.

Every provincial government for the past 40 years has had the opportunity to replace this Lego toy with a real bridge, or two.

None has acted.

I am sorry that the thing didn't burn utterly to a cinder.

That would have forced Monumental Gord to take his eye off the multi-million dollar 12-day superhighway to Whistler and build something that was actually useful and important to several hundred thousand tax-paying citizens.

Remember them?


Anonymous said...

Hey! How about putting the Fraser by-pass on hold and use the Billion on a new Patullo first? Falcon's Folly isn't needed - period.

Anonymous said...

David, it's pathetic, utterly and totally pathetic. It shows that the GVRD (oops, I mean metro) Vancouver, the province (that's Gordo & friends) and the municipalities are totally unprepared for a disaster.

How many hundreds of millions of dollars we have spent on disaster preparedness and this is the best we can do?

The inept TransClunk, ever to publicize SkyTrain, started metro service at 4:30 AM, but of course did not start the buses any sooner to feed the metro, so guess what? If I'm on the road at 4:30 AM and the other bridges are not in gridlock, I'll drive!

What idiots do we have running the show?

9 o'clock shadow, Kevin Falcon, has nothing to offer but the same inept drivel as the rest.

The ever unceasingly inane Bill Boring, on what used to be a good radio station, repeats the shop worn mantra, "take transit".

Evidently not many are.

We are unprepared and when disaster strikes, those in charge blame the poor, the homeless, and those who live without hope. A sad commentary on the whole F***** Lot!

Dave C. said...


After moving here a few years ago, I used the Patullo maybe four times to visit a relative in New West. After those hair-raising drives, I discovered that there had been several deaths on that bridge (at least the Massey Tunnel had no passing restrictions). In spite of my fear of heights, it was the Alex Fraser after that.

The foot dragging by various governments is shameful for a region as wealthy as this. This is really about our values and priorities. As much as I enjoy watching sports, the amount of money that is being spent on the modern Olympics is beyond obscene. My wife has the right idea. Establish permanent sites for both Summer and Winter games and require all participating countries to assist with funding - perhaps in proportion to the the number of athletes they send to the games.

If the powers that be come to their senses and erect a new bridge asap, how ironic that the affected commuters will owe a debt of gratitude to the homeless.

David Berner said...

"Take transit???"

One of my dearest friends takes transit to and fro his home near Victoria and Marine Drive and Surrey five days a week.

Yesterday he got home after 8 PM.

On transit.


PeterG said...

Trust Translink to rise to the challenge of providing a quality service to their customers in time of crisis. Yesterday all the ticket machines were switched to "Cash Only" and there were extra "cops" checking that every one had a ticket. The line-ups downtown were to be believed...