Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The City of Vancouver has now become the head of the Anti-Democratic Movement.

Wanting desperately for all of us stupid annoying citizens with apparent minds of our own to "stay on message" during the BIG EVENT next winter, the City wants the right to remove signs and graffiti and billboards from private property AT ONCE and with no court order or grace period.

I guess this is what happens to otherwise reasonable men and women when they find a shard of power.

In this case, the closet Fascist is one Paul Henderson, director of Olympic operations for the City. He says these extraordinary powers are "required because of the need to act quickly during the limited time line of the Games."

He also wants new powers to put up huge Olympic images...huge, as in building-sized.

Keep in mind this is the same city that fought tooth and nail a group of home owners in the Lee Building at Main & Broadway because the building had a large billboard on their roof.


Consider the meaning of this effort.

You must not disapprove of the Olympics. You must not voice that disapproval. You must not put a sign in your own front yard that doesn't SING THE COMPANY SONG.

The majority must rule.

The commonly held opinion must prevail.

O.K. Vision Council speak up.

Where are you on this detestable, dangerous attempt to suspend the central notions of democracy all for a downhill luge?


keith said...

I gather this will include naughty tshirts.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they will all get Senate seats.

Anonymous said...

If I wore an anti-olympic logo on a t-shirt, would the city remove the garment from by back AT ONCE??

Freedom of speech and expression???

Linda Yuill

Anonymous said...

I wish I had a lawn cause if I did you would see the biggest and loudest anti Olympic protest sign I could afford on it and I would burn it on a regular basis!!!