Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Some simple facts for the jury to consider.

One-fifth of Vancouver traffic can usually be found on the Patullo Bridge. Not today, of course.

With the bridge out of commission, the Board of Trade estimates a $2 Billion annual loss in biz.

Telus is telling 2,000 of its employees to stay at home and log on.

Dianne Watts is telling Surrey employees to work funny hours.

One Premier after another has had 40 years to consider replacing this barely standing joke. No one has even come close.

Can you say, "Malfeasance, Boys and Girls? Incompetence? Willing Blindness?"


Anonymous said...

We have to be careful what we wish for. Just hope the Heritage Crowd doesn't start a lobby for preserving this 'disaster'. After all the Parks Board is about to 'save' an old cedar tree that would be better off as shingles on the roofs of Stanley Parks buildings.

Martino said...

Kudos on Telus for taking the initiative to let their workers work from home. Now if only other employers would take a good look at their need to actually have people "in the office"...

Anonymous said...

The flim-flam and nonsense spouted by all involved want to make one upchuck.

Anonymous said...

Although working from home is an option for some types of positions, other employees will need to be physically at their place of employment.

The "funny hours" can actually do a great deal of good to ease traffic congestion and better employee morale.

Some positions would be better starting earlier (say 7 AM instead of 9 AM) and leave earlier. Other employees can take the later shift (say 10 AM and leave at 6 PM). It would provide better coverage for customers and clients and/or allow some work to be done without the constant interruptions that occur during the 9 - 5 portion of the day.

Individual companies should look at their operations and query their employees to see if this would be good for both business and employees.

In the meantime - the powers that be can replace that stupid bridge...

Linda Yuill