Friday, January 23, 2009

journalism - the basics

Something very funny has happened in the Sun newspapers.

Yesterday, John Mackie wrote an article titled A view from Vancouver's new 62-storey Shangri-La

The piece, basically an interview with the architect, in on the Sun's website.

The reactions are visceral and damning.

As one reader-writer after another points out...a)this is not a news story; it is a kind of mindless advertorial...and b) What view?

Have a look at the photo that goes with the article.

Looks curiously like a view from the ground, no?

Journalism 104.

1 comment:

David in North Burnaby BC said...

Can Canwest afford to report objectively on anything that could affect its already disastrous advertising revenues?
Watch for their papers to become even more than ever like the freebie fishwraps full of puff pieces that form such a large component of the litter in the burbs.