Monday, January 19, 2009


Subject: Real eye opener about B.C Rivers

This is a must-see video....there is a shortened version just below the video picture. Send it to
as many people as you can as so very much has been kept a secret by the government! ...

This is the future for all the generations to come. Look at the power
bills that people pay in most provinces.....and ours, probably, will be set to what Californians are


Anonymous said...

My God! What is this province coming to? I had no idea... I hope this gets on the radio stations and TV so that people know what is going on. Dreadful.


Anonymous said...

I will be sending this out to people on the address book in my e-mail.

The first bunch of people who will receive it will be those precious family value types that keep sending me messages about how 'gay marriages' will ruin the family and the social fabric of Canada.

While my 'religulous' family members were getting their collective panties in a knot over two people of the same gender sharing lifelong vows, democracy was being bulldozed, along with public roads and rivers.


Linda Yuill

(PS - My husband and I will be celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary this coming month. Gays being married still hasn't affected our marriage one iota).