Thursday, February 12, 2009


There are full page ads in your newspapers today.

Here's what they say in very large bold type:

As of tomorrow Gordon Campbell wants you to just shut up.

The ads, featuring a number of people with masking tape over their mouths, are paid for by the BC Federation of Labour and a number of unions.

The ads encourage you to visit the website to register your unhappiness with Bill 42.

The bill limits who can spend how much on advertising leading up to the May 12th provincial election.

Bill 42 is a gag law and it stinks to high heaven and these ads and protests are right.

This is a cynical attack on basic democratic principles by a cynical and unprincipled administration.

It is a direct assault on free speech.

The Harper government is considering wide police access to the internet for the purposes of thwarting criminal and terrorist activities. That consideration is worthy of many lengthy philosophical discussions.

But this appalling piece of legislation by the Campbell government is so blatantly wrong and pig-headed and self-serving that any discussion would be beyond the point.

Why can this government or any government in this country not withstand healthy and open debate of issues and ideas in the lead up to an election?

There is no reasonable way to rationalize this Orwellian nonsense.

And here's the kicker:

"Attorney-General Wally Oppal has defended the gag law, saying the idea is to keep the election focus on the candidates and political parties, instead of having third-party interests try to influence the outcome of the vote."

A Man Without Shame.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this -- I've e-mail the link to all my friends.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Canadian Facist state ... it creeps, and creeps, and creeps, and the next thing you know, its too late.

Anonymous said...

This just confirms that Canada is a benign dictatorship, with old Soviet style show elections every 4years.

Free speech does not exist and when NAZI style gag-laws become the norm, what next? Gaol for speaking the truth?

I guess Gordo & Waldo care more about curbing free speech, than drug fueled gang wars.

When you elect idiots, don't be surprised at the results.

I am bitter, this not the City; Province; or Country I grew up in, it has morphed into a evil place where the villains, drug dealers, con-artists, etc. have taken over.

Anonymous said...

In the 2000 election, didn't Campbell have his lackies register (dead) family pets, to influence the out come of the vote!

Anonymous said...

Suppose an organization like CAFC (Clean Air For Canadians) donates $50 million to Gordos campaign with the intention that they`ll build nuclear reactors in Burnaby if the Liberals win. Big money on both sides would muddy the waters and turn an election into a US style free for all of special interest groups. BCFed wants to donate $20m CAFC wants to donate $20B.