Thursday, February 12, 2009


"There's no way to manage what's happening."

Sergeant Shinder Kirk of the Integrated Gang Task Force speaking yesterday about, well, you know, shootups at Timmy's and the IGA.

Bet the good Sergeant is not having a jo with Gord these days.

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NickC said...

This was another needless wake-up call that the AG needs to step and do something with regards to the escalating violence. The trickle down effect of having judges with rubber gavels offering lenient sentences to proven dangerous (oxymoron) offenders has finally boiled over to a point that no one can really feel safe when there is someone with a loaded grudge in their 9 millimeter.

What's even more pressing is that the violence is not even localized to a certain city, but peppered throughout the GVRD (yes Metro-Vancouver sounds cliche). This means it's time for some serious collaboration within our police forces...

And to think the Olympics are only 364 days away makes me worry.

Put away the rubber gavel, Mr. Oppal, spend less time telling us to do our homework and focus on keeping us safe.