Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hello, I Must be Going

Kash Heed has resigned as Police Chief in West Vancouver.

That's a pity for West Vancouver.

Only a year and a half into his job, Heed, passed over for the Vancouver Police Chief position, is not saying why he is leaving so soon.

But rumors already swirl about a run at Wally Opaque's provincial seat in Vancouver-Fraserview.

I don't think Kash or anyone else can accomplish as much in the legislature - unless he makes it to Premier in a term or two, and he is quite capable of that - as he can in a real job.

But if he is serious about removing The Embarrassment known as The Opaque One, I may sell the house and move to Fraserview just to vote.

Opaque, by the way, says he'll run again.

Shades of Hedy.


Anonymous said...

Wally Awful wants to run in Delta South, which now represented by that wonderful "fence post with hair" Val "Screw You" Roddick.

The liberals have been doing all sorts of polling to see if the 'Awful One' could win in a once safe Liberal seat.

Ah - independent Vickie Huntington will run and will win after Gordo have everyone the 'Trudeau One Finger Salute' over power lines and Gateway.

A Lil birdie has peeked at the polling results and it seems Wally Awful would come in third!

Anonymous said...

Cash should be careful... when you lie down with dogs (BC Lbs) you invariably get fleas....
why would you want to tarnish your reputation by associating with that corrupt probably criminal gang

Anonymous said...

This is the guy who locked down a high school and called in the swat team for vague reasons.
News reports were contradictory:
First it was reported that someone mistook a camera tripod for a gun.
Then it was reported that a licensed rifle owner was simply moving his weapon from the car to the house.

In either scenario, I'd say Mr. Heed overreacted.