Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Who amongst us is Innocent?

Children have been killed by Canadian firepower in Afghanistan.

Of course, this is horrible.

Just as it is horrible in Gaza. Just as it is horrible in Israel. And Darfur and wherever men toss explosives about for one "honorable" reason or another.

But what of those Canadians who call Israel an apartheid and Nazis?

What do they say now about the deaths of innocents by our own hands?


Anonymous said...

David, I couldn't care less about a bunch of afghanis. As far as I am concerned they can turn Afghanistan into a parking lot!

David Berner said...

What a dreadful, inhuman thing to say.

Replace Afghanis with Canadians and speak again.

As in most places in this world, the majority of people are ordinary souls struggling to get from A to B without crashing into the furniture or soiling their pants.

Most of us don't invite the madness of politics that destroys human life indiscriminately.

I have published your vile comment, but I say, "Shame on you for even thinking such."

Anonymous said...

Such a hateful and dehumanizing comment by Anon -- to dismiss a whole country and it's people with a few key strokes. As if the people of Afghanistan are less deserving of a good and safe life than the rest of us. Thank you for your response David.