Sunday, February 8, 2009


Yesterday's blog entry, "Six," about how effective all our agencies are in fighting crime, received some excellent comments and I encourage you to read them.

Then, check out Vancouver Sun writer Kim Bolan's blog on this topic.

Today the Province is one big crime sheet. Take downs by hordes of swarming cops, more on the Langley mall shoot-out, 2 young people killed by a hit-and-run idiot near Granville Island.

What used to be another cheesy Hollywood movie being filmed on our streets is now the real deal. Lucky us.

What did the day Sergeant used to say every morning on "Hill Street Blues?" Something like, "Careful out there..."


Anonymous said...

Nothing changes. It is hard to listen to Stonewally and his take on the criminal activity going on today. When I worked in the Bank at Hastings and Columbia the drug deals were going down at the customer counters, at the front door and in the small parking lot at the rear. Shooting up was in the stairway to the basement at the back. That was 1964. The police, courts and useless politicos couldn't deal with it then and certainly can't deal with it now. Head office closed the bank as the area 'died' and who could blame them. I was told to NOT respond to ANY of this activity as it could mean a problem leaving the bank when it was time to go home. The only difference is there was little evidence of guns then. The present gun play is a direct result of the courts not taking this criminal activity seriously then and now. And we now find a wild west drug situation that is worse than ever with the inevitable collateral damage.

Anonymous said...

crap. The city police and court, I mean.

Anonymous said...

The Lawyers and Judges have created a revolving door system to ENRICH themselves... I mean, if they put these guys in jail for long sentances, the Lawyers wouldn't be able to get rich billing these guys for hundreds of thousands of dollars for multiple cases.

Anonymous said...

A revolving door makes the Lawyers rich ... putting bad guys in jail for long periods makes society safer, but the Lawyers dont make as much money.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

"putting bad guys in jail for long periods makes society safer,"

Oh yes, but Wally Awful reminded us just this am (Monday) that he knows locking them up doesn't rehabilitate these poor, poor misunderstood souls who are shooting up our streets.
I suppose putting public safety first makes us selfish, unenlightened churls, right, Wall?
>:< as hell