Tuesday, March 3, 2009

CASH - Commentary from a Friend

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by Adrian Mastracci,
Fee-Only Portfolio Manager

“A trillion here, another trillion there"

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Vancouver, BC (March 03, 2009):

The headlines suggest that trillion dollar deficits could be part of the US landscape for years.
The US is developing an insatiable addiction to debt.

Investors and taxpayers are swamped with mind numbing numbers.

A trillion here, another trillion there.

That is a lot of precious cash they don't have to just toss it around very casually.
Investors and taxpayers are not ready for the toxic taste of how to to pay for this.

Imagine someone fessing up to a consultant that his situation is in the deep glue because he borrowed far too much.
Now imagine that consultant telling him that the way out of the sticky glue is to borrow a bunch more he can't afford.

Say that someone is the US Government, now heavily preoccupied with ballooning bailouts and stimulus spending.
Maxing out the government credit cards has many repercussions and consequences down the road.

I thought that one smart way out was to tighten the belt and reduce needless spending.
However, simple logic gets murky awfully fast in the spin of government economics.

And they also hope that cash strapped consumers continue spending even more money they too don't have.
That is a lot of harsh medicine to swallow all at once.

So, let's call the spade what it really is.
The US is mortgaging its precious future, yet again.

I think the US would be better off to stop bailing out everyone.
Let the weak fade away and the strong survive.

The convoluted mess would right itself sooner.
I favour investing in winners, not mediocre picks.

Digging the bigger hole can't continue unchecked.
Unfortunately, government economics follows different scripts.

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David in North Burnaby BC said...

I always figured rule one when you find yourself in a hole was to stop digging. However, as I'm not a genius like President Obamessiah reportedly is, I'll have to remember in future that the solution is to dig harder.

Keith said...

since Obama has taken office the US markets have lost 25 per cent.