Tuesday, March 3, 2009

YVR MURDER - and the consequences?

"He had the stapler open ... he was in a combative stance'

Mountie who wielded taser tells inquiry he felt threatened when victim grabbed stapler

The courtroom audience snorted, giggled and shrieked.

As they should.

The RCMP officer who made this comment was not only ridiculous, he was lying.

As Gary Mason reports in a separate column today, the video shows clearly and repeatedly that Mr. Dziekanski did not raise the stapler above his head or anywhere near it and he did not move towards the officers.

And even if he had?

We all know how dangerous and scary a good Bostich stapler can be in the wrong hands!

So the officer zapped Dziekanski once and then, while Dziekanski was writhing in pain (clearly and repeatedly seen on the video), the officer zapped him again 3 times in a matter of seconds.

By the way, the officer had never before in his life used the taser.

Now, what will happen after this inquiry?

These policemen killed an innocent man.

Will they be charged? Will they lose their jobs? Will they suffer anything besides a momentary public embarrassment?


Anonymous said...

The RCMP hare full of morally challenged people, who think lying and murdering the innocent are just part of the job. Lack of moral fibre is now a prerequisite for joining the men in surge.

Wonderful, the same sort joined the Gestapo; the Stazi; and the rest of the secret police organizations. The RCMP are in great company.

I understand a Polish blog is urging the EEC to boycott the upcoming Olympics, and it has tacit support from the Polish government. The world is watching as Canada's already tarnished reputation crashes and burns.

Anonymous said...

They won't be charged. The Crown has already said they won't proceed with charges because they were just doing as they were trained, which sounds more and more like "they were only following orders" and we know where that takes us.


Anonymous said...


I disagree with your assessment of this death as a case of murder. There must be evidence of criminal intent before someone can be found guilty of murder. So far, no such evidence has surfaced.

Of course plenty of wrongdoing has occured on the part of many people both on and off duty at the airport that day. And this inquiry is doing a brilliant job of uncovering much of it.

As for the actions of the police, there is plenty of evidence to indicate that a complete overhaul of RCMP training methods is overdue. And new tazer policies, too.

Martino said...

I'm starting to see these four RCMP officers like the Wizard of Oz.

Constable Kwesi Millington - the cowardly lion, who fired the Taser when "threatened" by the stapler.

The officer who apologized to Miss Dziekanski on the stand - the tin man, who grew a heart.

So of the other two, who's Dorothy and who's the Scarecrow (the one without a brain)?

BTW RCMP, good call on putting the Taser on the one cop who's never used it!

RoyalCanadianMurderPolice said...

Of course not David are you out of your mind!? Why should these fine cowards..er..police officers face any sort of punishment. Have you forgotten we live in a banana republic? So our national police force murdered someone, so what don't get your knickers in a knot, continue working and pay your taxes! Like a good little peasant.

Anonymous said...

No one has asked the question yet that I would think is very important . . . . was the stapler loaded and if it was, was it set on automatic or single fire?

Anonymous said...

this constable has only been on the force for two years.
A senior should have been in charge of the Taser.

NRF said...

Cst Bentley let slip in testimony that all 4 members involved directly in the homicide met in a critical incident debriefing to go over each person's version of the event. He named the detachment people who ran the meeting. Inquiry Counsel Vertlieb demanded all records of that previously undisclosed meeting, saying it had never been mentioned before in the months running up to the inquiry.

Today, Cst Millington denied that any discussion occurred between the policemen after Dziekanski's death. One constable or the other is being untruthful.

None of the 3 officers testifying so far can explain why the reports each wrote after the event are false. Those reports, which justified police actions completely, were part of the crown's decision not to charge. Is this not a perfect example of why police should not investigate crimes committed by other police. I wonder how many innocents stand convicted through false testimony backed by false reports.