Thursday, April 30, 2009


We seem to have such a surfeit of it out here on the Wet Edge.

Two stretchy examples:

More than two years after the spectacular collapse of the roof over the site of the 2010 Olympics opening and closing ceremonies, there are still few written procedures for handling similar emergencies and a lack of staff training at the provincially owned facility, WorkSafeBC has found.

Hey, wassa hurry, Buddy?

Then this:

A street racer involved in a crash that killed a Vancouver woman almost nine years ago has been deported to India.

Sukhvir Singh Khosa lost his bid to stay in Canada in March after the country's top court ruled he had to be deported.

Mr. Khosa left Canada on Tuesday.

Irene Thorpe was struck on a Vancouver street and killed in November of 2000 as Mr. Khosa and another man were street racing.

His co-accused, Bahadur Singh Bhalru, was deported four years ago.

Nine years, four years...Iceberg, Goldberg, wassa difference?

You know why it's "the best place on earth?"

Not because Gordon tells us, but because we have so much time on out hands.

I think I'll go out and stand on the boulevard for a few weeks.

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Gary said...

David, I will see you on the boulevard.
Bring a deck of cards.