Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yawn, Goodnight

Sure, there are bigger news stories.

Swine flu is now a level 5 pandemic. That's a big story.

The nightmare known as Darfur continues.

It's Thursday, so North Korea issues its weekly nuclear threat.


Is there any excuse for this provincial election?

Have you ever seen such mud-sucking lethargy?

I've seen meetings of the Public Library that were more energized than this.

The NDP should be hacking and hailing and hefting all over the place, scoring bulls-eye after bulls-eye.

Instead, it continues its two left feet demo, proving once again that having advisers who failed the party two decades ago are maybe not your best bet going in. (Someone might also suggest to Iggy Pop this weekend that Francis Fox left office disgraced as a liar and a crook and having him on your tram ain't such a robust idea either.)

What exactly is the burning issue for May 12th?

The economy, stupid? Roads? Hydro? Canlit?

Search me.

We have proven our hickness with this one for sure. Dogcatcher, Illinois. A fight to the finish over renaming Railway Road to Hilltop Terrace.

For a similar opinion - and a few very funny lines - check out Alex Tsakumis in today's 24 hours.

And wake me when it's over.


FeStealth said...

It seems pretty obvious that Carole James and the NDP is trying to NOT lose seats rather than trying to win the election.

We all know that the NDP doesn't have a chance of forming government, so their "victory" would be somehow gaining more seats.

Unfortunately, they have been lackluster as the opposition, plus with the economy the way things are and the New Democrats being inadept in economics as they are, I see the Liberals forming even a larger majority after May 12.

Btw David, why aren't you on radio anymore? And would you happen to have any podcasts from your old shows?

David Berner said...

I'm sorry, I do not have any podcasts of old radio shows, but thank you for asking.

I was fired from CKNW in April 2006 along with about 30 colleagues. It was both a cost-cutting measure and the simple fact that I was never really a part of the 'NW culture.

Thank god.

Anonymous said...

Erection? Erection!?!?! Why, this is supposed to be a family site...

Oh, ELECTION...never mind...

You got me excited there for a minute, David.

(with abject apologies to the late , great Gilda Radner)