Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Count the Reasons

Nobody has spelled out so clearly the simple and direct reasons for you to vote Gordon Campbell out of office next Tuesday than Bill Tieleman.

Read Bill's blog posting of yesterday here, and then vote for the NDP.



Yes, let's vote for the angry lesbian radical feminist party that hates straight white men. Exactly what we need is a legislature full of ex bus drivers like Mable Elmore, what a star candidate! At least Gordon Campbell will not prevent me from participating in my own government. I will not condone such odious policy. I hate to even think about how Carole James will think of new ways of excluding white men IF she ever forms government. Not that I like Gordo, I despise the man.

Anonymous said...

See above. Gordon Campbell and his Liberal lick-spittles are one of the most arrogant and dishonest government this province ever had. Anyone who votes for Gordo, I put into the category of dupes, ready to be taken to the cleaners.

Welcome to BC, the most corrupt province in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Heartily agree with Anon and love his (her?) use of the word lickspittle.


aka Mo.