Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Leave the Bridge Alone

Restricting two lanes on the Burrard Bridge to cyclists is madness.

How can City Council even for a second entertain such utter silliness?

After some discussion last night, Council has announced that it will make a decision on Thursday.

Any decision that further fouls traffic in this city is a bad one, plain and simple.

I have yet to see or personally experience a problem with cyclists on the sidewalks of the bridge.

Tinker, tinker, tinker...


Anonymous said...

It is madness, but Vancouver is populated and run by fools.

Bicycles are the flavour of the decade, yet very few do bike and it is this minuscule lobby that has big clout.

Seen many people riding last week in the rain? No? I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

One can draw a straight line from bottom feeders like the Bacon Bros. and Gordon Campbell's Liberal government. BC Rail scandal, John Les, Van Dongen, political cronies, etc.

When the government feels it can break the law, so do everyone else!

Gavin said...

I've cycled over that bridge many many times and never found it's not a speedway and you DO have to watch for pedestrians wandering into your lane but it WORKS.. During the good weather one has to be a little more vigilant...more people, more cyclists. But damn it....because one or two people have had unfortunate accidents on the are going to close two traffic lanes????? This kind of civic insanity in a big city with congestion problems is not looking at reality. The reality is that the automobile is NOT going away in our lifetime and we have to deal with that fact.... .....traffic control in Vancouver is a sad amateur show and it the chief cause of road rage, bad driving AND bad relations between motorists and cyclists.

Pelalusa said...

I don't own a car by choice and mostly get around by:
- Walking
- Taking the bus
- Bicycling

But I'm adamantly opposed to any changes to the Burrard Street Bridge other than building a bicycle/walking path underneath it.

I hate to get political on you here but the same "We Know Better Than You" social engineering mindset of our current city council is precisely the same throughout BC's NDP Party. That's one of the key reasons I can never vote for them.

P.S. Give me a reasonable alternative to Campbell's Liberals and I'm there!

Anonymous said...

Biking is great, but this is a ridiculous proposal, so very likely will be approved. Visually beautiful (and I don't mean the buildings), this city is functionally dysfunctional.


David in North Burnaby BC said...

You folks in Vancouver sure elect some real winners, doncha?

FeStealth said...

By creating more backlog of traffic over the bridge, it causes more vehicles to idle.... hence emitting even more pollution.
So much for trying to be "green", lol.

I highly doubt this idea would even gather any attention if the people of the Westside weren't proponents of it. With wealth comes clout, and they are definately exercising it. If people of South East Vancouver want to have a bike lane on the Knight St. bridge to get to Richmond, nobody will even care.