Friday, May 1, 2009

Well, That Explains Everything!


Anonymous said...

Probably a cleaner kiss he will get from anyone else!

Gary said...

I've been sweating like a pig.............. I hope I'm not coming down with something.

A. G. Tsakumis said...

Piglet and Pooh Bear are walking through the forest holding hands, when Piglet thinks..."I'm so lucky to have Pooh as my friend"

They walk some more and when Pooh thinks to himself, "If Piglet sneezes...I'm fucken dead..."

mike macdonald said...

Last week one of my twins took ill, cough, then barfing, then...welll...everything...real sick.

I went on google thinking Ill see how I tell, is this the Flu, or the Mexican-FN-swine super duper flu.

I read all the things that Swine flu does, and I started to panic becuase YEP thats what my girl had...Then, I thought...but wait...thats the Flu...the same do I tell?

She took very ill, age 2, and fever on day 3 hot 104+ so off to Hospital she went. They say we are lucky we braught her in, she was in bad wow Swine flu almost kills another...but was just the WAS NOT swine flu.

My point is the "normal" Flu can kill children, luckly mine got all better...but the normal Flu can kill so the panic seems "delayed" if there is a worse than normal one and you cant tell the two apart. Who knows, life is weird, Im glad my girls are ok now.

The other twin caught it too, and seems to be having a better time fighting it back. My third girl at age 5 is ok...all is well.