Monday, July 27, 2009


Judge Thomas Broadwood, after listening patiently for months, often to totoal drivel and fabrications, released last week his recommendations on the use of tasers by police.

He has basically said that you cannot use these instuments "casually," that the situation must be dire and serious and involve immediate danger and threat and some action involving a fedral crime.

No bursts longer than an initial hit of five seconds.

He has also called for greater training and for agreed rules of behaviour across the spectrum of various police forces in the province.

Kash Heed, B.C.'s Solicitor-General (who I mistakenly called our A-G last week; my apologies), has told the RMP and other police forces to put Judge Braidwood's recommendations onto the street at once.

None of this will return the life of Robert DziekaƄski, but it is good news.

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Norman Farrell said...

The RCMP missed an opportunity to do something right, for the first time in the Dziekanski tragedy. But, instead of a senior officer congratulating Braidwood for preparing the most comprehensive and independent examination of Taser use ever conducted, they had a junior officer announce they did not respect advice from both Braidwood and the Solicitor-General and would carry on in their own sweet way. I blog about it here: