Monday, July 27, 2009

Hunker Down Kids..The Worst is Yet to Come

Oh, no.

Please, say it isn't so.

Bicycle lanes on every bridge in the province.

Badly run homeless shelters on every street corner.

Such is the future if today's political guessing game comes to life - Vision B.C.


True, the provincial NDP has gone nowhere and is going nowhere, and while Carole James may be a fine person, she clearly cannot lead the party out of the wilderness and into the honey pot of power.

True also that the provincial Liberal party under the inspired leadership of Gordon Campbell (hahaha...) has enraged at least half the voters, who unfortunately are too stupid and selfish to bother voting, thinking that kvetching over their double doubles will bring change.

But Vision B.C.?

Mr. Smiley Simplepants as Premier?


Was this the plan from the beginning?

Gregor leaves his elected position as MLA half way through his term to run for mayor, he is backed by big bucks and social engineers and terrific organizers and wins by a landslide...only to set up the NEXT BIG STEP?

I see it now.

First order of business in the new Vision-run Provincial Legislature.

Standing Order B21 - A change of name of the Province from British Columbia (So yesterday!) to...wait for it...


A hot tub in every yard.


Chris M said...

Mr. Robbins (oops, wrong seminar) Mr. Robertson has clearly proven that he is opportunistic.
Leaving his MLA riding in the lurch he swept in and became the Mayor.
This sure seemed to be a calculated plan by some little group.
It's time to find a Mayor and a Premier that isn't a man with a Celtic surname.

Anonymous said...

As much as I dislike gordo and even though I had voted NDP provincially and federally all my life, I can not vote for James or Layton. If Gregor runs in place of James Gordo will another term.

If the NDP expect to ever see any support in BC they had better go back to their union roots. Strong labor laws, anti scab anti union busting anti Jim Patterson and the elimination of all present and future tolls on all BC roads and bridges and a free BC ferry system

Bingo the NDP are elected.

Anonymous said...

For me the watchwords, as you noted, are social engineering. And of course Robertson is eyeing the premier's seat. I didn't vote for him for mayor, but then I didn't vote for the other guy either, although I did go to the voting booth. They felt like two sides of the same coin and I just couldn't do it. Not sure what that makes me, it may make me stupid, but I don't think it makes me selfish! If, however, he runs for premier against Gordon Campbell, I will have to mark an X by his name -- anything to get rid of Campbell.


Corey said...

I don't get you David. You rant and rave about how fabulous it was in Europe, and yet when some people try to bring the same ideas that make places like Europe great to Canada, you turn into Mr. "Oh it's a load of crap!"

I agree wholeheartedly with you when it comes to addiction and homelessness issues, but man do you have your head in the sand on this one. Maybe you are blinded by your "this is the way it's always been" thinking, but personally everytime I compare the philosophies behind what is happening on the Burrard Bridge and what is happening on the Port Mann Bridge/Gateway, I have absolutely no doubt in my mind who I would rather have running things.

Every been to Japan? It puts your idea of "social engineering" to shame, and yet they kick our ass when it comes to virtually every aspect of creating a safe and civil society. A little SE isn't necessarily a bad thing you know, especially when both sides are doing it... and the end result is behaviour that is good for our planet rather than destroys it!!

Put bike lanes in every bloody bridge you can find I say - but don't build an extra one - take it away from cars.

'nuff said.

David Berner said...


Is is possible for you to disagree with someone without getting personal?

"I don't get you, David."

Well, I get you, Corey.

You have another point of view. O.K. I respect that.

AND I dn't call you names or question your sanity.

I ask you to do the same, please.


Anonymous said...


There is a great myth, spawned by other blog sites, that Europe is a mass of cyclists (maybe Tour de France season?). The fact is, yes many people use bicycles (please note Holland is as flat as a pancake) and yes, there are bike lanes on city streets and bridges.

But distances in Europe are much closer and in most European cities there is a tram. Oh yes, a tram; streetcar; LRT you know that long thing that runs on rails.

Here is where mayor Greggy has yet to show any initiative, compel Vancouver City Engineer's and planners to plan for LRT/tram/streetcar, starting with Broadway and well, if he doesn't, all this nonsense about bike lanes on the Burrard Bridge, Carbon/gas tax, etc. is nothing but stuff and nonsense.

If Mayor Greggy really wants to change Vancouver's transit culture, go with trams, not bicycles.

He ain't ever, never going to do it.

Evil Eye

Anonymous said...

Okay I get it. Disagree but do it nicely. Well Corey, I am not a tree hugger. Log it burn it pave it. The North American road system was designed about 50 plus years ago. Sure all new construction should include bike usage. But the existing stuff that has been paid for by tax dollars dragged out of the pockets of the boomers is not suited for bikes. Too bad so sad. The sidewalks work well. Take a walk or the bus. This mayor is nuts. He will cost the good people of Vancouver a lot of money. Why do we need to cater to a minority of cycle nut bars that havent paid there share of road use taxes

Gary L. said...

It is WONDERFUL to have you back David! It is the highlight of my day, when you have Posted! It gives me something to talk about around the "water cooler", and allows me to give the false impression to my coworkers that I am intelligent.............. !
So, in my estimation, our next Premier in this once great Province will be Gregor Robinson, or Kevin Falconer ............ now, where did I stash my Koolaid?

Anonymous said...

The bicycle helmet law discourages many from taking up bicycling.
The benefits of wearing helmets have not been proved in any jurisdiction that has a bicycle helmet law.
Why has there not been made available to the public, statistical evidence showing bicycle helmets reduce deaths and injuries since the law was introduced to BC in 1996?
The lack of evidence says it all.

Corey said...

Apologies if I seemed rude - rereading my post it does seem a little testy.

But I don't think I called you names or questioned your sanity.