Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Watch the provincial government.

And watch it closely on at least three fronts:

The Barber Shop Quartet Tax (hummmmm....are we Harmonized yet?)

The Basi-Virk Trial (Will anyone ever confess to erasing 4 years of emails at election time? Will any newspaper follow this scandal?)

and Health Care.

Especially Health Care.

The Pit Bull known as Kevin Falcon, a bird of Prey if ever there was one, is now the Minister responsible for Health Care., Lord help us.

Can you say, "Slash and burn," kids?

Now our health care priorities are being managed by the 2010 Olympics. I kid you not.

"The Vancouver Coastal Health authority pledged to cut elective surgeries during the 2010 Winter Olympics, based on the experience of other host cities that saw demand fall during the Games."

Operating rooms will close, surgeries will be reduced, as will maternity services and pediatrics.

Mr. Falcon continues to see health care as a business. Wrong model, Kev! Wake up and smell the role of government in certain essential community responsibilities, like say, just for example, to take one...health care!

And the Olympic Premier, who never saw a shiny windbreaker he could resist, continues to place the Big Party next February above all else.

Watch these guys.

They are dangerous.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder what could be behind the BC government's review of BC Ferries and Translink.
Could they be planning to sell them to private concerns, as they did with BC Rail?