Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I've just been watching President Barack Obama speaking to the world about health care reform and other weighty matters.

Has there ever been such a plain-spoken leader?

I appreciate that he is a politician and a clever man. I do not think he is the Messiah.

But, man, he is a continuing pleasure to behold.

It is hard, after years and years of seeing nothing but liars and dissemblers in public life, to enjoy and find credible one who is talking directly to the heart of the matter.

He is far from perfect and he has already caused a few blips and speed bumps along the way.

But, dammit, he is good.

And he is credible.

About what other leader can this be said? Harper? Sarkozy? Campbell? Berlusconi?

Rock on, Pres. I for one am enjoying the ride.

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blaffergassted said...

He's great at deconstructing faulty logic.
Let's hope he can also build...