Saturday, July 18, 2009


The Criminal Justice Branch of the BC Attorney-General's office has officially asked the RCMP to consider the possibility of an investigation into the famous missing e-mails.

Nice beginning for Kash Heed.

The Premier pursuades the West Vancouver Police Chief to step down from his recent appointment early so that he can run for office and be handed on a plate the AG job.

First file - check out your boss and his attachment to truth and justice! Hahaha...

On Monday, the rubber will hit the road.

Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett will rule whether the e-mails in question are relevant to the defense in the Basi-Virk trial.

Fraud, money-laundering and breach of trust are only a few of the issues before us in this case related to the $1 Billion sale of BC Rail in 2003.

Don't even ask about the new owners, CN Rail, threatening last week to close down dozens of local stops along the way.

Community? Whazzat?

Service? Whoyakiddin'?

I didn't realize until after I had sent out yesterday's post on this little story ("OFF THE RAILS"), that my old editor at the Province newspaper, Jon Ferry had used the exact same word in his column to describe this affair: "stench." Clearly great complainers think alike.

Make no mistake about it.

This scandal has been stalled, bush-whacked, iced, red-tagged and avoided at all costs by a corrupt administration.

Let us see some real light shed on this tale. Let us hear some of the ugly truths.

The NDP opposition wasn't much of a second choice in the recent election and the Liberals did win their third kick at the cat by just barely enough votes to settle a pizza take-out dispute...BUT...

Wool over eyes continues its inexorable march ...

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Anonymous said...

FYI Kash Heed is Solicitor General, not Attorney General. That's Mike de JOng, if I'm not mistaken.