Thursday, July 16, 2009


When Kevin Falcon was appointed BC Health Minister recently, I predicted trouble with a capital "T."

Falcon is now saying that he will impose financial penalties on executives in the pubic health care system who fail to meet their financial and performance targets.

Listen to his philospohy in his own pea-brained words:

"That's how most people in the real world operate and it should be no different here."

Really, Kev?

First, this statement shows that Falcon doesn;t understand for a split second the role of government in a modern Western democracy. He also doesn't understand that governments, especially in their management of social programs, are exactly NOT like the private sector. The public governance of health care is a universe unto itself with different rules, targets and agendas.

That does not mean for a second that anything goes or that sloppiness with public funds is to be tolerated or excused.

It does mean that the model is significantly different and that outcomes and expenses need be measured in slightly different ways from say...General Motors! Hahahaha.

Which leads us to Falcon's second problem. Or better, our second problem with the Good Minister.

His role model is "the real world."

He means, we can only surmise, the real world of GM and Enron, Goldman Sachs and Bernie Madoff.


Those are the role models we want to be emulating when it comes to our care of the elderly and cancer and diabetes.



Anonymous said...

I think you'll find David that Gordon Cambell thinks this human hairball is exactly the right person for the job. After all he's been honing his skills bulldozing down any opposition in his last appointment. I'm afraid he'll turn out to be the point man for destroying our health care then pointing out how unsustainable it is so they can turn it over to the American multinationals. (Their real world involves a lot of under the table bribery.)aka lobbying.

Anonymous said...

David I came to your site hoping that you would have something to say about all of this, even though you said you retired. I am very happy to see you have made a few posts. I hope you keep posting, at least a couple of times a week!

Anonymous said...

I agree - It is good to see you - and others - posting David. Decided this morning to stop by and see if anything was doing........and am pleasantly surprised to be able to read and enjoy. Trust you are well and appreciating the summer and all the beauty it offers.