Monday, August 3, 2009


How about the TDP?

The Tired Democratic Party.

Or the MDP?

The Mistaken Democratic Party.

Or the RTLDP?

The Really Truly Lost Democratic Party.

These considerations arise following today's report that the federal NDP is contemplating a name change, specifically dropping the "New" from their name.

Not only are they considering this nonsense, they are devoting scads of human energy to the prospect.

This is a dreadful diversion from facing the real tasks at hand.

Carole James and Jack Layton cannot lead the Party to the Promised Land.

Good souls they may be. Winning Political Leaders they are not.

The Party has been wandering in ideology and focus for at least the last two decades, if not considerably longer.

Stay on track, People. Keep your eye on the prize. Distinguish yourselves from The Other Guys. You won't Win Votes by trying to win votes. You'll win votes by actually meaning something to Canadians.

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Anonymous said...

It's the Truly Dumb Party. Where are the screams about the HST, the cutbacks to Health Care, the cost over runs at the Olympics? Yes, Adrian tried to create news about Fraser Health, then the man from OZ, the CEO, at $500,000 per year, came up with nonsense and the media failed to jump on it.

Looks as if the Truly Dumb Party were suckered by Robertson and the Vision team who are bending over backwards to help developers with their escalated prices for the
Olympic Village and now Laneway housing. Don't these fools know it is psychologically unsound to live in 250 sq. ft.

We live in a democracy. There is supposed to be consulation first then decision making. Not so, for this lot. (RV's at Jericho and Spanish Banks)

Have suggested to BC MARY that she lead the revolt. Van der Zalm is compromised in his speaking out as he is a developer with a project for 195 homes in Meritt. The HST will effect his sales. So much for his gobbledegook about none of the family involved.