Monday, August 3, 2009

Fear Flames Out

Toothpaste, automobiles, patriotism...what do they have in common?

They are all "sold" through fear.

Greed, fear and sex are the great balms/bombs that are used and have been used from the beginning of recorded time to promote an encyclopedic range of agendas.

All of your smelly, messy bodily fluids are rushing to emerge into crushing daylight at every possible bad moment! Take our product and be saved the horror of public humiliation.

You are stupid. You have not planned for your slack-jawed, debilitated future. No Matter. Buy our Retirement Plan and you'll be poolside till they cart you.

Unemployment is rising, mortgages are collapsing, money is heading south faster than you can say, "The Head Office is WHERE?" Relax. It's all the fault of the immigrants and foreigners and everybody of Them that cannot be called Us.

Which brings us again to Premier Campbell and the BC Utilities Commission.

In an excellent column this morning, Globe writer Mark Hume makes the murky waters clear.

"Premier Gordon Campbell's government argued independent power projects, or IPPs, were needed to avert an energy crisis in B.C. and fight global warming. The commission's ruling made it clear, however, that there is no energy crisis."

"Had the British Columbia Utilities Commission not intervened, B.C. would have been damming its wild and scenic rivers, not in a noble fight against global warming, but in order to run air conditioners in California."

Recognize the M.O.?

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Anonymous said...

And did you notice the G&M story about the lowering of royalties on new natural gas wells in the northeast?

Yet another handout to private business, at the expense of local land owners, residents, and the rest of the population.

Public Power First Please!