Saturday, August 8, 2009

BC RAIL & Basi-Virk

Just a reminder that, while the Basi-Virk trial is on a summer break, this critical case has hardly left the public conscience.

Two of our regular links, The Legislature Raids and Bill Tieleman, both of which can be found in the column to the right of this posting, are keeping the flames fanned.

And the Basi-Virk defense commissioned a poll the other day that reported an overwhelming majority of voters want answers from Campbell and Company on the missing e-mails.

This matter will not disappear into the mist.


Gary L. said...

"This matter will not disappear into the mist".
I believe that you are absolutely correct David. May I suggest that the Premier,Judith Reid, Christy Clarke, Gary Collins, Martyn Brown, and the rest of Campbells "advisors" tuck themselves in every night praying that Railgate will be derailed.
It won't.

Anonymous said...

Please regard this as third hand gossip - a Little Liberal Birdie told the 'Eye' that the BC Rail Case will collapse by 2010 as the judge will rule that the " course of justice has been poisoned by the provincial government" and Basi & Virk criminal case will be dismissed for failure of a speedy trial.

Watch for a civil case against the province by B & V and big cash settlement.

That's all folks!

Evil Eye.

BC Mary said...

No, E.E.,

no! no! no!!! Say it ain't so!

We deserve better than that.

Anonymous said...

this case gets dismissed by 2010, I'm guessing after Gordo claims fame and fortune from the 'games'...This is no surprise! Come on folks, if those who have known the truth, thought to include the non-willing participants, s**t would have hit the fan a-l-o-n-g time ago!
Greed and more greed, for money and power.

Welcome to the new sheriff in town