Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Wrong Model, Thanks

Finally someone has written about it.

Turns out many someones have written about it.

The latest is by Susan Krashinsky in yesterday's Globe & Mail.

Why men in ads are dumb, goofy or completely inept

For years, I have watched these assaults on men, women, families and humankind and squirmed.

In TV ad after TV ad, men, especially fathers, are just straight ahead idiots and losers.

That is a) supposed to be amusing, and b) supposed to appeal to women who as we know control household buying and who apparently are desperate to feel superior - NOT!

The simple fact is this.

If you portrayed women on TV as this stupid this often, there would be riots in the streets.

Fortunately there are many women who are as insulted by these ads as I am. They appreciate that an ad that says that they married a fool is not very salutary to them. Diss my hubby, you're dissing me, Bunky.


Anonymous said...

As a woman who loves and respects her father, adores and looks up to her brother, admires her brother-in-law, is blown away by her boyfriend's greatness and is impressed by her male bosses, I have always hated those dreadful ads. And what kind of message do they send to little boys?! Thanks for your post, David. It's time that people stopped trying to build women up by knocking men down.

BC Mary said...

I hope that many others will pick up on this message.

My husband (now ex-husband), good man that he is, always blamed "women" for speaking badly about men. He never got past Blondie & Dagwood, and said that ALL movies and ALL sitcoms made men out to be fools.

I wonder how many other families engaged in that debate ... and were hurt by that phenomenon.

Just goes to show that citizens have real work to do in today's society. Thanks for giving this topic a nice start.