Wednesday, August 12, 2009


There are 2 things that the BC Government is counting on:
1. As British Columbians , we will continue to be apathetic to the proposed HST and although we will bitch about it to our friends and neighbours, we will not do anything to stop the government from implementing this tax.
2. That we will be as stupid as the government considers the voting electorate to be and by the time the next election rolls around, we will have forgotten how the Liberals lied to us (HST was not part of their platform for the May election)
If you do not want this tax implemented in July of 2010...Please contact your MLA and the Premier's office.
SIGNING ON LINE PETITIONS IS NOT ENOUGH They must hear from individuals!
The Premier and MLA's will only take notice if they are inundated with emails, phone calls, faxes, and letters.
Find and email your MLA Http://
Premiere's Office - email -;
- phone 250 387-1715
- FAX 250 387-0087
- mail PO box 9041, Stn Provincial Gov't, Victoria, BC V8W 9E1
Listed below are a few of the items that you will be paying more for if the Liberals get their way and the HST is passed:
  • Cable TV
  • Car and home insurance
  • Chiropractors, naturopath
  • Golf Fees
  • Gym Membership
  • Gas for your car
  • Hydro
  • Haircuts
  • Heating Fuel
  • Internet
  • Income Tax Prep.
  • Legal Fees: for wills, P.Of A., advice, etc.
  • Hockey/Football/Baseball Game Tickets
  • Home purchases
  • Home heating oil
  • Magazine Subscription
  • Movie Tickets
  • Newspapers Subscription
  • Pizza Delivery
  • Restaurant Service
  • Telephone
  • Theatre Tickets
  • Used Car purchases
  • Vacation Travel: airline ticket and hotels
  • Veterinarian
  • Vitamins
  • Tim Hortons Coffee
Aren't you tired of handing over your hard earned paycheck? Please email/write/fax this government and let them know that we will not be lied to anymore....and keep writing until they start to listen


Keith said...

We already pay PST on used car purchases. We don't pay GST if a purchase of a used car is private, but I am sure the BC government will include the full 12 per cent on used cars when you transfer ownership after the HST is implemented.
Presently, purchasers of expensive vehicles have a 10 per cent PST, so there will be a break for the wealthy.
Gasoline will have an instant point of sale rebate on the 7 per cent portion of the HST, but the full 12 per cent will be charged on the Transit Fuel Levy of 12 cents per litre.
Childrens clothing and hygiene products will also have POS rebates.
There will be a $230 HST credit for low income people.
I am in favour of the HST. It is the most fairest of all taxes and would go along way to pay for our health system. It grows with the wealth and population of the country.
It is about time the USA also had such a tax.

Anonymous said...

I think that this tax will hurt families.

It's bad enough that affordable, accessible childcare is practically non-existent in this province - now working families who are struggling have more expenses.

As for my family - we will simply have to cut back. It's unfortunate for our family - but it is also unfortunate for the economy as we won't be going out for family dinners at local restaurants, going to sporting events (even the Giants), purchasing products for the home and we will be reducing our cable tv packages.

We have to make up the money some where as we really don't have a choice but to purchase care/home insurance, gas (we are a one car family), hydro/heat and vitamins that are recommended/prescribed by our family physician.

All the while many jobs are being lost and services are being cut.

Taxing essential items is cruel to families and people on fixed incomes.