Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Oxymoronic, I know.

Almost as impossible as happy marriage, Catholic university, military intelligence, liquor control board...


In this case, it is true.

Bravo is running the original first year of "Law & Order."

Over the years, I had the great pleasure of interviewing Michael Moriarity - "Ben Stone," Rene Balcer, the show runner and Executive Producer, and the great Stephen Hill - "D.A. Adam Schiff."

They were all marvelous interviews.

The first year or two of this wonderful series was filmed in a gritty, neo-realistic style. One had the sense of being in those stuffy rooms and on those scary streets.

Moriarity, before he succumbed to demon drink and a few other of his unique peculiarities, was one of America's great, great actors.

Hill was a lesson in acting week after week.

The show has continued to be pretty darn good, but nothing as superb as those first few seasons.

Bravo, 8pm, Monday to Friday.

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Anonymous said...

Ya David, my favourite show - but really the early ones were so much better.
I hate the Criminal Intent, and the others are so, so.
SVU get too into the personal lives of the actors.

The original years were just the stories, not their personal lives, no kind of a serial you could see them in any order, they didn't always win.

I'll have to watch this week.