Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Don't Think, Therefore I have a Right to Pack

Did you know that most States in the Onion allow people to openly carry guns, including assault rifles?

And that many allow the carrying of concealed weapons?

The President is trying to bring health care coverage to millions of American uninsured citizens.

The Republicans want to kill this initiative because they know it will murder the presidency. Their interests are entirely political, self-serving and without concern for 50 million of their fellow citizens who are always a cough away from catastrophic illness.

Their M.O. is fear and more fear and then a dash more fear.

Fear sells deodorant and pampers and Kotex and cars.

On Monday in sunny Phoenix a nice man showed up at a rally protesting Obama with an AR-15 slung most casually over his shoulder.

The AR-15 is not a bag made by Prada.

So the radio and TV talk show hosts sit in their comfortable air-conditioned and totally secured studios viciously feeding more fear and frenzy to the pot, while Joe LunchBucketHead goes packin'.

This is way beyond ugly.

Try really sick.


Anonymous said...

In Canada,
when the police choose who they protect, and who they don't protect, you bet, I'll be packing my own.
My right to proctect myself.
Anything goes in the act of self defence.
Bye, bye Canada. The new sheriff will take care of us, all.

Anonymous said...

What would happen in Canada, if a future government were to abolish the public healthcare system?
Would there not be a huge reaction bordering on violence?
It could get ugly.

Anonymous said...

What Canada doesn't need is annonanutgunners running around the streets. As for US of A universal health care it isn't going to happen because the well to do don't want the riffraff clogging the system and getting in the way of their "entitlement to THEIR entitlements." Two trillion dollars for a new carrier task force OK but health care?????? I hope the US of A fortifies the border with Canada as when the last three solvent State go bankrupt 30 plus million folks south of the border may want to seek refugee status in Canada for welfare AND health care. By the way how come there are more BC health care cards active than residents of BC????????????