Thursday, August 20, 2009

Item 1: Once booming, B.C. to post $3-billion shortfall

Once booming, B.C. to post $3-billion shortfall

Item 2:

B.C. Lottery Corp. raises weekly play limit to $10,000


Raising the Internet gambling limit on PlayNow is cynical and thoughtless.

The best argument this idea-and-morality bankrupt government can make in defense of the indefensible is "well, other people do it." Meaning that other Internet sites allow huge limit or no limit gambling.



Anonymous said...

A close friend of mine, one of Italian descent, remarked recently that the corruption of this government would make Italian President Silvio Berlusconi blush. I don't know about the corruption, but I do think this government is the most thoughtless, insincere, and cynical one BC has had to endure in my lifetime. A product of the lean-and-mean 80s I guess. I'll keep trying to vote for candidates of another party until these jerks fall. I just hope their replacements won't be worse.

Craig Y.

Anonymous said...

It is an even more cynical move than first thought....the limit is $9999. not $10000...the difference being ,all gambling transactions $10000 and over in BC have to be reported to the RCMP in case of money laundering.


Anonymous said...

I was discussing the subject of BC Lotteries and Gaming with a support working at a Family Drop In that I attend.

The Support Worker was on the Board of Directors when they were advised that proceeds from gambling in BC would be used to help fund their programs.

She couldn't justify having her wage paid for by gambling ... the very addictive behavior which causes family breakdown.

Unfortunately, she was in the minority and gambling revenues are used to support these programs.

It's a sad day when the BC Government would chose to bankrupt it's own people.