Friday, August 14, 2009

Its' Me and the Mentally Ill and the Sexually Abused. We Have No Place at the Podium

"The Fraser Health Authority will cut elective surgeries by 10 to 15 per cent, place a cap on MRI procedures and reduce management positions in an effort to meet a budget shortfall of up to $160-million that the opposition alleges was hidden from the public during the last provincial election."

News that managers and adminstration staff may be sent packing is not so dreadful.

But this is:

"Services for seniors and the mentally ill will be cut. They include services for sexual abuse victims and the scuttling of the New Westminster domestic violence response team."

Let's see now.

Seniors, the mentally ill and sexual abuse victims.

No longer priorities for the Olympic Premier.

Are you still not getting the picture?

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Jeff Taylor said...

Hi David, great blogs as usual. The only reason this Liberal Gov't got re-elected was simply because the NDP has such a poor leader - nice lady I'm sure, BUT very poor leader. The only way of stopping the destruction of this Province at the next election is to have a third party (and NOT the Greens) on the ballot. I pray every night that someone with real honesty, vision, and leadership will form a ALL new party to give poor B.C. something to vote for. I now live in Ontario (after 45 years of living in Vancouver - where I just couldn't afford all the costs any longer) out here they have much the same crap going on as far as honesty goes except here it's tax and spend, spend and tax like there's no tomorrow. When will we as Canadians get a party we can actually vote for that is truly in the middle and with a huge helping of common sense ?
Jeff Taylor