Friday, August 14, 2009

You're Not So Excellent After All

Governments across Canada are cutting scholarship monies previously available to high school graduates.

Never to be outdone, The Education Premier has topped them all.

"British Columbia sent letters to 185 of its leading high school students this month informing them of the cancellation of the Premier's Excellence Awards, which for more than two decades have given thousands of dollars to high-achievers who stayed in the province for their undergraduate education."

This bit of penny-wise, pound-foolish decision making will save the province about $240,000.

In other words, lunch.

The future is in their hands. The future is our children. And so on into the good night.

These are cliches that slip from the lips of political leaders at every foto op and chicken dinner.


Sending thousands of civic employees to the Olympics as "volunteers" at a cost in the many millions, now that's O.K.

But encouraging our students to succeed?


Wait until The Games are over.

Are you still not getting the picture?


Anonymous said...

My god, has Gordo sunk this low? Has the mighty Campbell now going to take $240,000 away from high school students?

Can no one bell this cat and send him packing?

Evil Eye

Gazetteer said...


And these are not just 'any' high school students.

These are the best, brightest AND the most community-minded.

Un Be Freaking Leavable.

(and I'm sure some of them will now - leave I mean)


Anonymous said...

No offense to the brilliant minds of tomorrow, but they don't need an Excellence award. They're well taken care of by the universities that offer them full ride scholarships, and bursaries by the bucketful.

It's the "average minds" that need the cash and nourishing...that's why we have political posts!