Saturday, August 22, 2009


Patrick Kinsella - he who would rather not testify, thanks very much - boasted to BC Rail that his communications company had a "value-added component."

No doubt.

Getting the Premier elected and then re-elected would probably in the real world give a fella some extra grease.

You betcha.

More than once I have written in this space about the Great Triangle: Gordon Campbell, Patrick Kinsella and CN Rail Chair David McLean.

This has been for some time now the Great BC Buddies in Good Times Movie.

In this morning's Globe & Mail, Rod Mickleburgh reports: "At one point, CN Rail chair David McLean conveyed information to Mr. Kinsella that the deal appeared to be falling apart rather than dealing directly with BC Rail. Mr. Kinsella then conveyed CN's concerns to BC Rail, Mr. Bolton [Basi-Virk defense lawyer] said. “[Mr. Kinsella] may not be working for CN, but there's clearly a relationship.”

The defense will present further arguments to Justice Bennett on August 31st that they want Kinsella to be issued a subpoena.

You think?

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Jeff Taylor said...

I fear that the "true story & all the facts" will NEVER come out in the end. I'm sure there's so much more to this story that we will NEVER know. Bottom line is though just how far will this Premier and his Gov't go to sell off our Province ? In decades to come, what will the real cost to our Province be ? Is there ANY way action could be taken to reverse any of the 'sell-off(s)' ? God I hope so.