Monday, August 24, 2009


As dreadful as humankind can be, it is still not often that I learn something truly horrifying.

Today was different.

Geoffrey York, writing in the Globe from Johannesburg, reports about 5 year old child workers picking tobacco in places like Malawi. These children, working 12 hours a day, are poisoned by the nicotine and suffer relentless and painful injuries and diseases.

For what?

So that some fool in South Carolina or Creston can light up a Lucky Strike and some exec in New York can fuel his corporate jet?

Free enterprise at its best. Letting the markets determine everything in life. The Fraser Institute and every body's Board of Trade writ large. The Bottom Liners in charge.

Make that the Bottom Feeders?

Much of the tobacco industry was stationed here in North America, but with slave and child labour available in Africa for less than $5 a month, the landscape has changed.

No doubt the Princes of Industry who run these atrocities have families.

The compartmentalized mind is a wonder to behold.

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Chris M said...

It makes you want to scream.
Years ago I spent time in places that I just can't bear to go back to.
Africa - child labour everywhere. Hard labour. I won't even talk about the sex trade I witnessed!
Central America - coffee pickers - child labour. Now it seems it's drug labour.
I could go on and on.
Many North Americans fuel this disgusting use of children (while at the same time letting our children act like little privileged brats WAY,WAY too long)
A poverty of spirit is what we have. So it seems many people want to get high!