Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Mobina Jaffer has many firsts to her name.

First East Indian, first Muslim and first African appointed to the Canadian Senate.

Now, she has added a new distinction.

She can't add.

When not lolling about in the highly productive Red Chamber, Jaffer has been representing a Catholic order in some troublesome lawsuits they've been fighting over child abuse in residential schools.

Only problem is the Law Society, who will normally put up with almost anything to protect their own members, is investigating Jaffer and her son for billing improprieties.

Among the other tell-tale signs that not all was kosher in the lawyer's charges was this choice item:

Charges made for more hours than there are in a day.

Of course, so much of what we do in life is based on our belief systems.

Who knows? Maybe Jaffer subscribes to ideas that claim there are infinite numbers of hours in a day. Thus, her defense could reasonably be Freedom of Religion.

Yes, that's it.

I've got it now.

Case closed.


Anonymous said...

"Jaffer's son, lawyer Azool Jaffer-Jeraj, will also face the review committee, which will be composed of two to four members who will start their work sometime this fall. "

I guess "problems with math" run in the family, however greed has obviously been well learned. 5.1 million dollars billed....No small case here.

Anonymous said...

Gee David, sounds like just the type of person suited for the Senate.

Evil Eye

Anonymous said...

What else is new? The {ELITES} are entitled to their entitlements are they not. Lie, cheat and steal seem to be their credo. The higher up the 'food chain' the bigger the thefts it seems. And if one is connected to a political party it seems to be systemic.