Wednesday, September 16, 2009


With yet another dreadful assault on a bus driver, Transclunk has been busy wringing its little paws in public.

Get serious.

Drivers should be entirely protected inside plexiglass cover and have nothing - repeat nothing - to do with the maniacs who get on their vehicles. The sole focus of drivers should be driving.

Security guards should be on every - repeat every - bus.

Passengers should be able to "enjoy" the safety and security of a ride unmarred by drunken craziness.

This will cost money.

So be it.

Try collecting fares on your Skytrain, dimwits.


Keith said...

Translink should cut down on the late hours of the transit system.
Transit systems in the rest of the world's large cities shut down at midnight.
This would save money and help to avoid these security problems.
The taxpayer should not be subsidizing transit for people to party all night.

Jeff Taylor said...

I remember the day / moment I read that Translink was NOT going to install gates on the new Canada Line I honestly thought I had read the article wrong. I re-read it on the spot only to realize I had in fact read it right the first time ! Has this board NOT learned anything since the 1980's when the first Skytrain line opened to the public ? They sure have learned to come to the tax payers for cash. Wouldn't it be nice if Translink actually had coins in the ticket machines to empty out after each day of Skytrain riders actually having paid to ride the system ? Just wondering .....

Chris M said...

I don't believe the transit system should shut down at midnight.
There are a lot of shift workers in many locations (hospitals, etc) that need to get to work.We are no longer a city that operates only 9 till 5
What I really believe is that people NEED TO PAY for the transit ride.
Only in Lah Lah land. Honour system

Anonymous said...

The original proposals for fare collection on Shy Train WAS with the use of turnstiles. The Government of the day vetoed that and we now have a transit system that even bus drivers are abused for trying to collect fares.

Anonymous said...

David, if we cant put security on every bus why cant we put some of the transit cops on the bus disguised as passengers. To give them a perfect cover they can hop on refuse to pay the fare and curse and swear. What a joke. And what a joke the CAW is. They say that transit drivers must be protected. They say that the phone system is not working.
A CLUE your a trade union and your MEMBERS are being attacked. SHUT THE DAMNED buses down until its safe to go to work. Whatever happened to an injury to one is an injury to all?

ps David what happened to the bike count?