Friday, September 4, 2009


A commenter raises an interesting point.

Responding to yesterday's post, "Elected on Lie$," he tells us that whenever criticism of Campbell's Liberals breaks out at a social gathering, he always manages to close the discussion with the question, "Who would you vote for then? Carole James."

Game, set and match.

Well, my answer would be "Yes. For sure. Carole James."

Because even though I don't think she's the greatest political leader in recorded history and even though I know that she must be beholden to someone, I don't think of her as a creepy, lying crook with a stone cold heart who will rob milk from children's breasts at any opportunity to build something new made of cement.


Anonymous said...

Game. Set. Match. To David Berner!

Anonymous said...

My greatest fear regarding Gordo is that he is trying to establish a legacy. It seems that everyone has to deal with unintended consequences for years or decades afterwards when political leaders do this. Think of the way Mulroney and Trudeau dealt with the constitution.

On that basis, the Campbell government's heavy-handed methods of dealing with labour relations, plus Campbell's apparent inability to consult with anyone when making major policy decisions and agreements, I think his government should have been given the heave ho. Yes, it would have been good to see Carole James become premier after the last election. If only so that Campbell can be given a (I believe) much-needed send off.

But my real wish is that the next premier of the province would be Carole.........TAYLOR.

Craig Y.

Anonymous said...

Go go go...

Although I think you got a little carried away. You probably meant to write "from children's mouths" or "from mothers' breasts":)

Anyways - keep it up, thanks!

Anonymous said...

David I could not be happier. If my comment on Carol James got some attention then the whole blog thing works. Still, imagine if the NDP had an articulate charismatic leader. Carol James has to be the biggest blockage to an NDP win. If she is not then it must be the watered down policies of the NDP. If thats not the reason for the NDP not governing then maybe its because the people of BC just dont want them back

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for a political party that announce its tax and spend policies DURING an election.

And I'm still waiting.