Thursday, September 3, 2009


The current Liberal governement was elected on a lie.

The $495 Million deficit they announced at election time was easily in the Billions.

They knew it and perhaps some of you knew it. Now we all now it.

But, as Gary Mason points out in his column today, nobody really cares.

"In the spring of this year, the Liberals campaigned on budget numbers that were complete fiction. And now we know that even they knew it.

Does any of this matter? Does anyone care, other than reporters and political junkies? I'm not sure. But I believe we all should care because it speaks to the integrity and honesty of our politicians. And the day we stop caring about whether they are being truthful and forthright with us is the day we take a huge step back as a society."


Anonymous said...

David, the populace has all been perverted into the Gordon Campbell way of doing things.

Truth - forget it, the truth is for suckers.

Honesty - Why bother, everyone is on the take.

Morality - Bugger that.

Fair society - Only is fair if I get my slice of the pie, deserved or not.

Democracy - Ya sure, "What me worry", I'll let the other guy worry about that.

The print media - All the news that fits, we will print it. (see truth)

The electronic media - Our 'Bean-counter' tell us what to report. (See truth)

The taxpayer - he's there to be fleeced. "As Barnum observed; "there is a sucker born every minute!"

Evil Eye

Gary L. said...

David, this is exactly why our MLA'S always say " you can't trust the other Political Party". They NEVER say "you CAN trust us". Not once, never, nada ........

Trust me!


Norman Farrell said...

Norman Spector, esteemed political commentator and former back room operative for the rich and powerful, says:

"Mr. Campbell, by coming clean on the revenue and expenditure measures necessary to deal with the deficit, has taken a sharp hit in the polls. . . . "

Only a person dizzy from spinning could imagine that Premier Deceiver has come clean about anything. Spector's partisanship has overtaken his usual good sense.

Anonymous said...

David every day I debate the Liberals ethics with friends. I find myself in the awkward position of defending Gordo. I suppose even Bernardo had a defense lawyer. When I tire of arguing that the Liberals have done as good a job as they could in this economic climate I always end with " if we dont vote Liberal who will we vote for? Carol James? " This ends the argument every time

Chris M said...

Mark it on your calendar.
September 28th, The International Right to Know Day.

The premise is how do citizens make up their mind if they don't have relevant information?

How applicable this is to this scenario and many others that have been happening lately.

Governments that hide facts, obscure with smoke and mirrors, and outright fib are breaking the entire premise of democracy.