Friday, September 25, 2009


Maybe staying in a fancy hotel in downtown Toronto and jetting about the country had something to do with it.

But certainly over the past several days I have felt myself to be distinct alien corn among a family of space creatures.

Elevators, breakfast rooms, airplane lounges and seats on planes, walking down the street and even being shown into the inner sanctum of a very expensive and trendy restaurant, the Blackberry Nation is out there loud and strong.

They never stop.

Click, click.

My son told me the extraordinary experience a few months ago of doing some voice over work for a radio commercial. The 20-something actress he was working with had to be told by the producer to stop texting while they were recording sound.

I pointed out to the lady next to me on the plane that we were supposed to turn off our cells during take-off. Hey, it's only my life versus her important message.

She smiled, as at a child whose understanding passeth nothing, and explained that she knew that "but I always wait until the last second before turning it off."

Good for you.

What is she? Head of National Security? A cardiologist on call?


She sells real estate in a village not far from Toronto and she's on her way to Vancouver for a Century 21 conference.

Like, very urgent. Muy importante. Mucho, mucho...

The guy in the pin stripe suit being ushered into lunch at Bistro 990 (one of the official troughs for the Toronto International Film Festival - which is over, but that doesn't stop people from coming in with the expectation that George Clooney will still be there. No. I didn't eat there. I walked in to check out the dinner menu and decided that when I win the Lotto, I'll give it a try, with or without George Clooney.) was texting as he slid over the Persian carpets to his wing back chair.

May I say this?

Blackberry Nation.

I think you are all mad, stark raving mad.

Here's my suggestion.

Try walking down the street and actually experiencing the moment. Look at the shops at the people at the traffic. Have a thought. Quietly sing a favorite tune. Try for one blissful second to not be conquering the universe.

I know my entreaty is nonsense, the wishful thinking of a child or a withering old fool.

Blackberry Nation is here to stay.

You rule.

I can but mumble.


John said...

The CB radio of the 2000's.

grahamx said...

I am hoping for Blackberry jam - melted down and sticky. The horror!

Dave C. said...


Priceless! But narcissism still rules.

Dave C.

Anonymous said...

I think people today are self-absorbed cowards. Mommy and daddy told them they are perfect and they've since realized not everybody agrees with that. So they are scared s**tless to deal with other people except at arm's, or fingers', length. They get a false sense of being close and connected without having to put any real effort into it, like making conversation for a lengthy period or making eye contact or physically making the effort to go and see someone. Personally, if a guy asked me out via text, I'd ignore him. It's the same as them pulling up to your house and honking the horn for you to come out instead of hauling their lazy ass out of the car and coming up to the house to meet you.