Thursday, September 24, 2009


Ah, Wally.

You've done it again.

Political mastermind, crime fighter, bungler.

The judge has tossed the Polygamy case against big jolly Winston Blackmore into the creek.

You'd be jolly too if you were shtupping 15-year old girls every day and getting away with it by calling them all your "wife."

But, Wally, you see, was told by one prosecutor after another to be quiet, that you couldn't possibly win this case.

So, Wally, undeterred, kept shopping around until he found a prosecutor who was willing to give it a go.

That declared BC Supreme Court Madame Justice Sunni Stromberg-Stein (I had to put all of that mouthful in because I know there's a joke just waiting to be written.) declared that such shopping expedition by our former glorious A-G was definitely out-of-bounds.

Thus the good goat and his many ewes and lambs can thrive happily ever after in the magical kingdom of Bountiful.

p.s. A question: Why are all the group wives always smiling beatifically. Is Blackmore that good? Is there some hallucinogenic in the local stream? Should I use "stream" in a post like this? Should I use "post?"

p.p.s. Last question: Why does Blackmore look exactly like a guy I used to work for in the recent past? Spooooky...


Norman Farrell said...

Given his record as a politician, we can be happy that he exited from the judgin'.

One Cookism that fits Wally perfectly:

"I've learned from my mistakes and I'm sure I can repeat them exactly."

Anonymous said...

David, I am no fan of Wallies. But if Wally had managed to prosecute this ridiculous behavior conducted by a sexual predator I would have cheered his taking on a quasi religious load of crap. Wallys next crusade could have , should have been to prosecute the kirkpan carrying criminals. The next group could be muslims that believe that they are the chosen race and all infidels must die. It is a slippery slope, that of criminal behavior cloaked by a religioud belief but maybe Wally could have managed the climb.

Anonymous said...

One man get jail for looking at dirty pictures of little girls, while this character is given the green light for "shtupping 15-year old girls" (or younger) makes Canada look like it is governed by idiots.

One can not condone the former, so how the hell can we condone the real thing?

Want a young wife (really young wife that is) be religious, form religious sect and do what hell you want!

No need to watch the comedy channel, we are living in one!

Evil Eye

Anonymous said...

This is child abuse in several forms - including sexual. I hope one day that it can be stopped. At least Wally tried to do something - whatever one's opinion of him might be. This is really sad for children - young girls (and young boys who are put aside and shunned by this fanatical cult) as well as womenwho are used as sexual objects in the name of religion. Blah......I find it sickening.


Jeff Taylor said...

I guess Canada's rape laws don't apply to Mr. Blackmore. Shameful as most everyone one in Southern B.C. keeps their collective heads in the sand as 15 year old girls are made to have sex with this pig. What's going on with our society these days ?? Are we so into Facebooking and Twittering that we don't have enough brain power left to see just how wrong this whole Bountiful situation is ? How many young girls and boy's lives have been or will be ruined before something is finally done ? And don't get me started on Mr. Oppal - I've always thought he ran for Gov't for the fame and the pension. Call me cynical, but I've never had any time for the man.

Norman Farrell said...

"Canada look like it is governed by idiots."

Because, it is.