Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Education or Olympics - Waving Our Values

Never before has the provincial (accent on the provincial) government of Gordon Campbell shown its colors so clearly.

Cut money to schools, but spend $500,000 doing a P.R. job for the Olympics in the same schools that now will have to scramble for library books, sports uniforms and play equipment.

Wait. I left out computers and lunches and breakfasts for poor children.

To add insult to injury, the funding that is being cut in half is free money - it is Lotto Bucks stolen from the ever hopeful. These monies are comically called "gaming grants." How about Bozo Bucks.

Wait. I left out roofs and hot water heaters and boilers for aging school buildings.

Patti Bacchus is the Chair of the Vancouver School Board.

"It seems ironic that we're celebrating the Olympics in our schools when we've just had cuts in sports operating grants," she said, after Education Minister Margaret MacDiarmid and Olympics Minister Mary McNeil presided over the designation of False Creek as B.C.'s first 2010 Spirit School.

MacDiarmid who these days is masquerading as the Minister of Education has now come up with a timeless Let Them Eat Cake quote.

Ms. MacDiarmid suggested last week that athletes whose events have been cancelled could compensate by "walking or dancing or playing in parks."

Do you believe this arrogance and ignorance?

Has anyone pointed out to the good minister that it's kind of tough to dance in the park when you haven't had a good meal and when your school sports program is shut down for lack of equipment uniforms and qualified instructors?

The good minister is gallivanting about promoting a barley disguised Olympic PR pitch.

The 2010 Spirit School program, estimated to cost $500,000, is designed to encourage schools to embrace the Olympics in the classroom and motivate students to lead healthier lives.

Has anyone pointed out to the good minister that it's kind of tough to dance in the park when you haven't had a good meal and when your school sports program is shut down for lack of equipment uniforms and qualified instructors?

Equally offensive is that Campbell and his shills actually believe that no one is noticing their duplicity and their shabby lack of visions and values.

Please remember all of this the next time someone shoves a ballot box in your face.


pgorin said...

Good morning David

thank you so much for this- the Lib ED. Minister sounds so elitist and arrogant- dance in the streets indeed- it seems the way of the Libs since the election because they are certain everything will blow over before the next election- so not impressed
keep up the good work
and thanks again

hyperbole helper said...

"never before?"

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm a school teacher. I remember years ago hearing/reading about people calling us as a bunch of hostage takers when we stopped supervising extracurricular activities, such as sports, when we were taking work-to-rule to action during one of BC's low points in labour relations. Of course one of the loudest groups criticizing us when WE suggested students could go to rec centers and engage in community-league sports during that time was the provincial Liberal party. It's funny how, as time goes on, tables turn.

Anonymous said...

David, enough already. Even I can not go on defending this liberal government. I suppose if I thought for one split second that the olympidicks was worth 2 cents to the general public I might try to justify the liberals behavior but I detest the 2 week party for the rich and famous. Its too bad the NDP were the party to initiate this olympic debacle. I sure hope the conservatives get an outright win and dont split the vote

Anonymous said...

David: Where does Campbell find these "star" candidates? Rarely at a loss for words, even I cannot find sufficient to say about the unbelievable, indescribable arrogance of these creme de la creme Campbellites without I stoop to their level of discourse.
That said, methinks the 'let them eat cake' phrase of yore led to a very satisfactory conclusion.
Oh, and BTW, the Boston Tea Party wasn't a bad idea either.

Anonymous said...

David, your item today shows how ethically bankrupt Campbell and his band of Bozo's are. My god, how could anyone in this province support these gangsters.

It is time to boycott the Campbell, the Liberals, their supporters, the Olympics, anything to do with this bunch.

You donated to gordo, then I will not support your business.

Boycott the Liberals, including the Feds and Iggy. I bet the phone lines between Victoria and Iggy would be near melting if their was "I will not vote for any Liberal campaign!

Boycott Bill Boring and all those advertise on Brand-X.

It's time for the "common man" to flex his common muscles, as to do nothing makes one just as guilty as Gordo and his gang of common thugs.

Evil Eye

Mike MacDonald said...

And they still don't pay for playgrounds in schools...last year you could get some gaming money grants for a playground if you were lucky- it would cover some of the cost but I bet that well is dry too.

Anonymous said...

How about cutting education and still paying over $3 billion for a new highway and bridge!

Put the train line in for $1 billion, forget the highways, and put the rest of the money to better use!